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New Inventory Added Every Week!

Unique and authentic lighting fixtures from vintage movie, theatre, and stage sets
Re-wired & re-finished for decor & lighting in today's homes and businesses


ALL of the antique stage lights that you see on this website are real authentic vintage stage lights that were used on movie sets, in live theaters, and other stages, with a focus in Hollywood and New York. Most of these stage lights were made during the “golden era” of movies and theatre covering the period 1910-1960.


Small Stage Lights

Small stage lights

These Small Stage Lights work well on a small stand on a desk, table, or mantle. Some come with small stands, or you can choose a larger decorative stand (such as a tripod, or candlestick stand) at additional cost. The Small Stage Lights can also be mounted on a ceiling or a wall.
Medium Stage Lights

Medium stage lights

These Medium-size Stage Lights work well on a stand beside or behind acouch, chair, bed, etc. Or they can be hung from a ceiling or mounted to a wall. If you are interested in a stand, please see the Light Stands section.The Medium Stage Lights are not so large as to dominate the room, but they still make strikingand unique décor, and start a conversation wherever they are.
Large Stage Lights

Large stage lights

These Large-size Stage Lights are dramatic in a room, not only because oftheir size, but for their striking look of industrial metal, glass, and light together. They create apoint of focus, and instant conversation starter.Some of these Large Stage Lights have their own stands, or you can choose a stand from the section on Light Stands below. These Lights can also be suspended from a ceiling or mounted to a wall.
Other Industrial Lights

Other Industrial Lights

We have a great selection of various other vintage lighting and luminaries that can be used for any application you can think of. We can also custom finish any light we sell. 
You Choose

You Choose
You choose the (1) Exterior Finish that you prefer, and (2) the Internal Light Source and Wiring that you want, for all of the stage lights that you see on this website.

Pick your choices:

1. Exterior Finish

A.Original Finish (“As Is” finish)

With this option, you are getting the light just as you see it in the photographs. In most cases, this is the original finish from the manufacturer, with any additional changes caused by handling or other conditions (such as dents, chipped paint, scrapes, etc) as the light has aged over the years. Many collectors prize the original finish of these lights, even with marks of age, because they show the true authentic look and style of these vintage stage lights as created.

B. Paint Removed (bare metal finish), and then given a protective Clear Coat.

With this option, the original paint (and major rust, if any) on the stage light is removed, down to the bare metal. This reveals the basic structure, composition, and texture of these vintage stage lights, and it creates even more of an “industrial” look. Following paint removal, they are given a protective clear coat to preserve the metal finish.

1. Original Finish.jpg
2. Paint removed, bare metal finish.jpg

C. Paint Removed (bare metal finish), Buffed, and Clear Coated.

This option is like #2 above, except that following the paint (and any rust) removal, all metal surfaces are given a medium-buffing. This brings out the shine in the metal surfaces. Note that this medium-buffing is not a finely-polished high-gloss “chrome-like” finish, that you may see advertised in some reproduction stage lights. No real working stage lights were ever highly-polished, because they were always designed to be in the background, and not to stand out.
This medium-buffing is meant to bring out the inherent shine in the bare metal of these antique stage lights and enhance their visual appeal and “industrial” look.
Following buffing, they are given a protective clear coat to preserve the metal finish. 

3. Paint removed, buffed and clear coate

2. Internal Light Source and Wiring

A. Original (“As Is”) Wiring and Lamp (aka bulb).


With this option, you are getting the light just as you see it in the photographs. This includes any old wiring that may be in the light, as well as any old bulb (aka lamp) that may be there. if there is no old bulb/lamp, we may be able to procure one for you, if desired. Keep in mind that the original incandescent bulbs were generally high wattage, so they use a lot of electricity (in comparison to today's more efficient LED bulbs), and also generated a lot of heat.

B. Re-Wired, with choice of LED Lamp (aka bulb).

With this option, we re-wire the light using modern electrical cord. Usually we use a vintage-style cord, twisted wire, covered in black rayon or cotton. Other colors and styles of wire are available upon request.
We install a modern “Edison-style” screw-type receptacle for the bulb/lamp. You choose whether you want and antique-style LED bulb/lamp (with visible filament) or other LED bulb/lamp. 

4. Original wiring and lamp.jpg
5. Re-wired with LED lamp.jpg

Antique Stage Light

Dave Modisette

Email or call me at:

(530) 746-1491

Sacramento, California

I’m adding new inventory every week, because I have many antique state lights collected from years ago that I’m now pulling out of storage and offering to you on this site.  Please call me if you have specific things you are looking for.

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