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Other Idustrial Lights

This gallery contains other Industrial-Style Lights, in addition to the Stage Light galleries above.

The antique stage lights we offer are authentic lights that were used from the period 1910-1960 to illuminate movie and theatre (and some television) sets. So they have an “industrial” look, of metal and glass, and old wiring. And an authentic antique or vintage look, that you might see in old factories, or today’s lofts. 

So for today’s buyer, these are vintage “décor” or “decoration” pieces or fixtures. So we want to try to appeal to those that are looking for a sense of interior design and style that incorporates an “industrial chic” and “vintage” look using these old authentic light fixtures. Whether you're looking for lighting for commercial  use; restaurants, bars, hair salons, public spaces, offices, etc – any place that wants to capture that kind of vintage and/or industrial look, or for residential use in a loft, or simply a unique (and authentic) vintage décor piece for conversation or decoration or even some light source, we have these unique products. 

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