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Model C-3, Spot-Flood Lamp, 100 Ampere Arc Lamp, manufactured by Brenkert Light Projection Company, Detroit, MI.


  • Circa 1910-20. 
  • All original, with original paint, and raised metal lettering on back. 
  • Carbon arc mechanism still intact, with many interesting levels and knobs.   
  • 6” clear glass plano-convex lens.  
  • Good condition for its age, and very rare. 


ID# - SL-L-030

Dimensions: it’s  about 18” high, 10” wide, and 16” long (not counting the operational handles).


Price: is as is in its original condition.

Does not include stand.  Ask about prices for re-wiring, and stripping/polishing


Brenkert Model C-3 - Carbon-Arc, Detroit - $950 as is

SKU: SL-L-030
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