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ALL of the antique stage lights that you see on this website are real authentic vintage stage lights that were used on movie sets, in live theaters, and other stages, with a focus in Hollywood and New York. Most of these stage lights were made during the “golden era” of movies and theatre covering the period 1910-1960.

Some are from the turn of the century in the early 1900’s, particularly the carbon-arc spotlights. These antique spotlights produced an intense bright white light by directing electrical current across a gap in two carbon rods (like the light from arc welding today).

After 1920, incandescent light bulbs (or “lamps” as they are called in the industry) improved and became more powerful (up to 10,000 watts!), so manufacturers of these stage lights (or luminaires as they are called in the industry) switched to incandescent lamps. These antique stage lights were manufactured by many companies, most of which went out of business many years ago. They include well-known names in the industry at the time, including: Brenkert Light Projection Company; Kliegl Brothers; Capitol Stage Lighting Company; Display Stage Lighting Company; Otto Oleson; J.W. Beattie; Winfield-Kerner; Bardwell & McAlister; J.G. Saltzman; Chicago Cinema Equipment Company; Mole Richardson; A.A. Jahnigen; Furse; Century; Major; Strand; GoldE; Sun Ray; Photogenic Machine Company; Holzmueller; Anderson; Solex; Majestic; Chas Beseler Company; Strong Electric Corporation; Hall & Connolly; National Theatre Supply Company; and Simplex.


Antique Stage Light offers lights for from all of these historic companies.

So for today’s buyer, these are vintage “décor” or “decoration” pieces or fixtures. These appeal to those that are looking for a sense of interior design and style that incorporates an “industrial chic” and “vintage” look using these old authentic light fixtures. Whether you're looking for lighting for commercial  use; restaurants, bars, hair salons, public spaces, offices, etc – any place that wants to capture that kind of vintage and/or industrial look, or for residential use in a loft, or simply a unique (and authentic) vintage décor piece for conversation or decoration or even some light source, we have these unique products.

The owner of Antique Stage Light, Dave Modisette, has collected these old stage lights for many years. Dave developed an interest and appreciation for these old stage lights at the University of California in the 1970’s where he studied technical theatre and lighting design.
Today, Dave buys and sells only the most interesting and unique antique stage lights, and restores, repurposes, and rewires them to suit the interest of individual buyers, collectors, and professionals in the design community

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